ARMED Prevention Is Predictive Healthcare AI Supporting your Team to make Better, more Informed decisions.

Offering Care Management, Automated Payroll and care verification software solutions customised to your business needs.

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Patient & Clinical Data are combined With ARMED Machine Learning To support Predictive care & Falls prevention.

Offering Care Management, Automated Payroll and care verification software solutions customised to your business needs.

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Predictive Health Software for better care.


Manage Staffing & resources required.

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Personalised Healthcare for happier clients.


ARMED Prevention Supports Personalised Healthcare data to Enable better client Outcomes.

  • Informed client information to assist clinical care workflows to support reduced admissions.

  • Client outcomes are greatly improved if health risks are detected and acted on.

  • Costs & resource planning of early care are greatly reduced through early detection & support of deterioration.

  • Support client discharge with informed data monitoring & tele-health support for timely and preventative care.

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20 years experience

globally & Australia wide.


Software solutions for Australian providers.


Customised solutions to fit your business needs.

Connected Solutions by Ezihub.

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Talk to the team on how ARMED can support your care.

Make better, More Informed Decisions Using ARMED Prevention for Clinical care.

Machine Learning allows your team to have the best client insights to support more informed decision making for better client outcomes.


ARMED Prevention Allows constant Vital Signs Health Monitoring to Improve client Outcomes.

Support improved clinical care outcomes with ARMED Prevention data assisting early intervention with a focus on the individual patient.

Utilise machine learning (ML) to provide daily updates on client health with alerts enabling your team to better analyse personalised predictive health alert data.

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Ezihub offers connected solutions integrating with Ezihub products and other clinical care software.

Talk to the team on your specific needs.

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ARMED Prevention provides an easy to contact support team via the Ezihub Help Center and phone. 

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