ARMED how it all works

Data is collected around the clock from a Polar device worn by the individual. This is complemented with regular data from Tanita body composition scales and strength grip.

ARMED is hosted on Microsoft’s Azure Platform leveraging all the power of Microsoft Machine Learning and PowerBI tools. This provides high levels of security to maintain confidentiality, integrity and availability of customer data.   

Machine learning delivering outputs

ARMED empowers the individual and everyone involved in their care with real-time information.

The machine learning allows alerts to be raised to identify risks. Data from wearables is combined with social care data, including care visit monitoring data where available.

Community trials have identified that warning flags are being raised approximately 32 days in advance of a potential incident, allowing for early intervention and appropriate support.   

ARMED allows comprehensive reporting on a variety of metrics. It allows professionals to pick up on gradual deterioration that may not be obvious to family and Carers, in everyday contact with an individual, until it’s too late. 

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