This apple won't keep the doctor away

Date: 24th Sep 2018

2018 saw the unveiling of Apple's fourth generation of its Apple Watch

With Apple stating “Everything about it has been redesigned and re-engineered.” Apple has said the watch has become an "Intelligent Guardian" for user health through its health and fitness features.

Clever stuff you might think, but despite being called a ‘gamechanger’ in the wearable market, it only detects when someone has actually fallen, whereupon all sorts of features such as calling relatives, or the emergency services kick in. 

Brian Brown, Director of ARMED (Advanced Risk Modelling for Early Detection) said:

“There’s no mention of preventative technology within this update. Whilst it’s a great idea to create an alert that a person may have suffered a fall, it’s going to be much more useful to have a wearable device which collects data on a number of indicators.

The ARMED solution has been developed to help predict those at risk of falling to enable faster support and better self-management so much so that we are evidencing instances of risk flags being raised 32 days in advance of what was a previous issue. Its real-time monitoring data highlights issues which can be dealt with at an early stage, therefore preventing the falls from happening in the first place.”

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