'ARMED' Advanced Risk Modelling for Early Prevention - SSO Platform Update.

Date: 18th Nov 2020

The ARMED solution – ‘Advanced Risk Monitoring for Early Detection’ is an A.I predictive analytics solution for Australian Aged Care providers that identifies and alerts to escalating health risk, health decline and health data for the ARMED users.


The monitoring of health data and alerts risk information is available to both the client, client’s family and the aged care provider to help them make better informed, proactive and preventative changes to individual clients care delivery requirements, rather than just waiting for a fall and/or incident to occur due to an undetected decline in health and wellbeing.


The ARMED solution is simple to deploy as it primarily involves the client wearing a Polar Smart Watch device to capture important health data, including; activity, inactivity and sleep duration. This may be complimented by information captured via body composition scales and a strength grip measure. ARMED then provides the visibility of important health metrics that can be monitored at any time via the cloud software displaying changes in a person’s physiological state to be identified weeks ahead of a potential health-related incident occurring.


The ARMED Solution is receiving an SSO Platform update with some exciting new features:

The ARMED dashboard reports for staff and client facing portal views have been undergoing exciting developments that are now available and will immediately enhance user experience and streamline system workflow.


ARMED Outcomes Manager:

The Outcomes Manager section update provides an ongoing assessment record based on observations made by a carer, nurse, clinician or allied health professional. This updated feature uses machine learning technology to analyse the ongoing positive and negative language over time, to then provide a score out of 10 to help flag health declines based on care delivery progress notes and assessments. As these changes can be subtle in nature, and there can be significant time taken to read through all client notes, this serves to save time and identify risk flags for individual clients where a decline has been identified in the language being used. This new feature can support your staff in managing the service delivery for each client.


ARMED Client Goals:
ARMED has updated the Client Goals section which has been designed to set activity, inactivity, and sleep goals automatically for a client as a guide based on parameters set from their own data. This also provides the ability to set goals manually for an individual client based on care delivery requirements from the care provider, a clinician or allied health professional.

ARMED Form Builder: 

ARMED is releasing an extensive Forms Builder that allows for the creation of form templates that can be easily created by staff to be assigned to individual or to all client profiles. Many forms of information can be captured and recorded in the ARMED Forms Builder such as questionnaires, risk assessments, photo capturing and storage, as well as client signature capture to name a few.


ARMED Client Portal:

The Client Portal provides easy to understand information in a straight-forward dashboard report. It displays the client’s health data information that is specific to the client, such as daily steps, inactivity stamps, sleep information and their daily step target. This can be shared and made available to family and clinicians when required.


How ARMED raises Risk Alerts:

The ARMED system analyses the data captured primarily from the Polar Smart Watch device and identifies a client as being one of four risk levels: High, Medium, Low and Zero. The risk flag alerts are generated on an ongoing daily basis and can be viewed in the central dashboard report and on individual client profiles.


The notifications can be sent on an exception basis to an email address for a nurse, carer, senior manager, family member, clinician, and allied health professional. The alerts notifications can also be made available via the Client Portal application.


ARMED will be including the predictive models focusing on the data sets collected from the body composition scales and strength grip measure. These will provide a clearer overall picture of the risk profile of the client by utilising the information about their grip strength and body mass index. This update will be made available in the new year.


ARMED Reports Update:

The new reports that are available in ARMED also aim to cater to different visual representations of the same information. The reports provide easy to use and understand information in several different styles and formats to maximise the ability of multiple staff members to make the most of the information being presented in the shortest possible time frame.


The ability to monitor the ongoing wellbeing, activity, sleep patterns, weight and hydration allows for a targeted approach on an individual client basis to support care delivery requirements. This in turn allows for better utilisation of staff time and resources which help improve remote monitoring by senior management. Resources can then be managed in advance based on the need of the person rather than a standard set of services.



A look ahead for 2021 and ARMED:

It is very exciting to be at the beginning of the next evolution of the ARMED solution with a jam-packed roadmap of new functions and capabilities that will be periodically released as the year progresses. We rely on client feedback and user experience to guide our path of development so your next great idea could help shape the next new function or feature of ARMED. Early intervention, based on feedback from the system, is a core purpose of the ARMED solution and how we aim to support an individual's care delivery requirements. Through the client’s health metrics and ongoing data captured, your team can be enabled to provide the best care plans possible and intervene ahead of time to improve overall quality of care received by the client.

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