Loreburn Housing Association are first to adopt pioneering falls prevention technology

Date: 04th Jun 2018

Loreburn Housing Association, are the first to adopt ARMED (Advanced Risk Modelling for Early Detection) to help predict those at risk of falling to enable faster support and better self-management. 

Following a successful pilot, Loreburn have committed to rolling out the preventative technology to residents in sheltered developments. This involves wearing a Polar loop which collects data on a number of indicators. Using sophisticated predictive analytics, developed with Edinburgh Napier University, the data is analysed by giving residents and staff a wealth of information about muscle mass, hydration, heart rate and inactivity. 

The pilot highlighted how easy it is for people to spend their day seated. Once empowered with information from ARMED, customers immediately became more active. They also noticed the correlation between increased amounts of exercise and their ability to have a restful night’s sleep. 

In addition to enhancing wellbeing, ARMED’s real-time monitoring data highlights issues which can be dealt with at an early stage. One of the Loreburn customers taking part in the pilot was found to have decreased heart rate at a similar time each day. This information was relayed to the customer’s GP, and following examination, this was treated with medication before it could develop into something more serious. 

Loreburn customers have welcomed this innovative move. One customer said: “My wife has dementia and this technology could help keep us living together for longer, and also give our family reassurance.” 

Moira Charters, Head Improvement & Innovation said: 

“We are delighted to be the first housing association in Scotland to make this commitment to prevention. The ARMED solution has huge and exciting potential to enhance the health, wellbeing and independence of our customers.”

Brian Brown, Director of ARMED, added: 

“We are delighted to be working with such a forward-thinking housing association. With an aging population and increased pressure on health and social care resources, it makes sense to invest in preventative technology.”

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