New Falls Prevention Project using Predictive Analytics solution underway with Mansfield District Hospital

Date: 28th Oct 2019

Mansfield District Hospital CEO Cameron Butler is excited to be launched an innovative predictive falls prevention solution.

Innovative solutions are changing the way we approach and look at providing care to elderly Australians in Residential Care and Community Care settings. Technology is heralding an exciting new era, enabling the monitoring of an individual’s health metrics, as well as improving their health and wellbeing outcomes.

Mansfield District Hospital is excited to be a leader and innovator in the area of Elderly Falls Prevention within their local community. They will shortly be commencing a Pilot Project that is new to Australia, focusing on falls prevention; an innovative predictive analytics solution that can identify elderly individuals at risk of falling up to 32 days in advance. 

The technology is called ARMED – (Advanced Risk Modelling for Early Detection) innovated by the HAS Technology Group. The purpose of the ARMED Fall Prevention Project is to significantly reduce the number of falls occurring within Mansfield District Hospital’s Residential Care and Community Care client groups.

The ARMED technology operates by using data from a combination of a wearable device, body composition scales and strength grip to measure and analyse changes in an individual’s daily activity, inactivity, sleep quality, heart rate, weight, muscle mass, hydration levels and strength on a continuous basis. The system can identify and predict when an individual is at risk of having a fall by raising low, medium and high alert flags.

Mansfield District Hospital will use this information to be more proactive by ensuring the care provided to the clients participating in the Pilot Project is targeted according to their risk profiles. Sedentary lifestyles are impacting negatively on our general health and wellbeing and it is often challenging to create awareness within the community of the effect these lifestyles have on individuals and their family environment. 

CEO of Mansfield District Hospital, Cameron Butler, is excited to be at the forefront of proactive care by using this innovative predictive analytics solution. “Within aged care falls represent our greatest clinical risk where the outcomes for people who fall can be poor. This can be the same for older people living in the community where a fall my lead to them no longer being able to live at home. We are proactively seeking to address this and are excited to be the first health service in Australia to pilot ARMED.” 

UK based HAS Technology Group has been involved in the Australian Home Care industry for the last 20 years through its Australian arm of the business Ezitracker Australia. 

Building on the momentum of success and positive results experienced with UK ARMED Projects, Managing Director Peter Longman is excited to be establishing the ARMED solution in Australia. “We are very excited to be extending our research and work with ARMED from the UK to Australia and working directly with such an innovative organisation as Mansfield District Hospital. The positive impacts of identifying risks and reducing falls, which unfortunately have such a devastating effect on a person, is crucial to supporting individuals to lead a healthy and fulfilling life.”

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